A double celebration

FDZ Worldwide
FDZ Worldwide

Today is a double celebration for the  Daughters of Divine Zeal (FDZ) because aside from celebrating the Solemnity of St. Joseph, we are also celebrating the  Foundation Anniversary of the Congregation.

The FDZ was born on March 18, 1887 – the 129th of so many grace-filled years.  St Annibale founded the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus (RCJ) ten years later.

The name Daughters of Divine Zeal expresses the ardent love (zeal) of Christ when…

seeing the crowds he was filled with compassion, for they were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd. (Mt 9:36)

With this name Fr. Annibale encapsulated the ideal and the mission of each FDZ Sister and of the whole Institute.

Zeal for the house consumes me like a fire
(Ps 68:10, A vocation for all vocations p.4)

Today we remember to pray for all the Daughters of Divine Zeal who are present around the world, who zealously continue doing the different apostolates under the banner of ROGATE, as their identity. We pray in a special way for our Sisters who have gone ahead of us, who worked hard at the beginning of the institute.

St Joseph and baby Jesus
St Joseph and baby Jesus

We also thank all our friends, benefactors, and lay collaborators, the living and those who have died, for their tirelessly assistance in so many ways. We pray, too, for all the Rogationists who are part of our spiritual journey, who have helped us in deepening the charism-Rogate. We are thankful for the bulwark pillars of the institute, Fr. Annibale and Mother Nazarena, whose life example of holiness are instrumental and important in keeping us moving onwards towards the sanctity of life and in helping us to continue to carry the zeal of Rogate in the mission that is entrusted to us, their spiritual sons and daughters, in the different parts of the world.  Auguri a tutti!

Image of world map and St Joseph courtesy of pixabay.com

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