The Lamp of Vocations

St Joseph - the lamp of vocationsWe are now on the final day of our triduum of prayers and reflections preceding the Feast of St. Joseph. 

Third Day

In this humble Chapel, in the inner oratory of our house, a silver lamp burns day and night in front of the most glorious Patriarch St. Joseph, which we have been calling the Lamp of Vocations for some years now. This greatly manifests that, from among the saints, we put our trust in the powerful intercession of St. Joseph to obtain for us from the Lord, good evangelical labourers for the Church. O how beautiful is the mission that the Good Lord has deigned to entrust to this Institute, that is, to pray to Him every day by vow, so that He would send holy ministers to His Sanctuary. (United in Prayer p. 199)

Custodian for vocations

St. Joseph,
Spouse of Mary and paternal guardian of Christ,
you are the model for us
of obedience, promptness,
of silent courage and industriousness.
Teach us the interior virtue
of which you are the teacher.

You, who are the Patron
of the Universal Church,
intercede for us
so that the world may never lack
true Pastors of the people of God,
who choose to serve the brothers
in fervent activity
as you have served worthily
Christ the Lord and the Virgin Mother.
Guard always the vocations,
so that the Christian community
may always be guided
by wise and generous people.


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