Honour to St. Joseph

The Holy FamilyContinuing our triduum of prayers and reflections preceding the Feast of St. Joseph, and we invite you to join us.

Second Day

And what is the holy vocation to the religious life or to the priesthood if not a vocation, that is a call made by a hidden voice, by an inner voice, which makes itself be heard in the depths of the heart? Or which is the mouth that our Lord make use of to invite, with tones that the world does not hear, nor appreciates, his beloved to enter in the Sanctuary, in order to cultivate the vineyard of the great Father of the Family? Without doubt, it is that of St. Joseph, who in the Gospel is called the just one, who is the owner of every virtue (United in Prayer p. 198)

Faithful Servant

O Glorious St. Joseph,
faithful and wise servant
whom the Lord has
placed as head of his family,
the world is wounded by division and discord.
Come to our help and obtain,
that with your intercession,
the Church may know how to cooperate
with fidelity for the salvation of the world.

Through the pastoral action of the Church,
grant that all peoples
may preserve unity in the bond of peace.
May we never lack pastors
who will continue the work of salvation.

Obtain for all those who
choose to follow Christ,
the gift of perseverance in the gift of self.

Come, O glorious Saint,
to the assistance of the Church
and listen to the prayers
those who invoke you.


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