A Priestly Anniversary

St Annibale

Today is the Sacerdotal Anniversary of St Annibale Maria Di Francia, (also known as St Hannibal Mary Di Francia), the founder of the congregations of the Daughters of Divine Zeal (FDZ) and the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus (RCJ). His legacy to the congregations expressed in the Charism and Spirituality of “Rogate” is to pray for holy vocations which means obeying the evangelical command of Jesus to:

“Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send labourers into His Harvest.”(Mt.9:37-38)

We thank God for the gift of St. Annibale Di Francia, his life and good example as one of the holy labourers in the Church. God bless us all!

Prayer to Saint Hannibal to obtain graces through his intercession

Divine Heart of Jesus,
You have chosen St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia,
to be an apostle of prayer for vocations,
and you have filled him with so much charity
to make him the Father of the Orphans and the Poor.
Grant me the strength
to imitate his example and his virtues
and grant me, through his intercession,
the grace that I desire: ……………….
Grant that this request may be for Your glory
and for the greater good of my soul.


Let us furthermore pray…

annibale10O God, Omnipotent and Eternal,
who in St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia,
you have given to your people
an eminent Apostle of Prayer for Vocations
and a true father of the orphans and the poor,
through his merits and his intercession,
send many holy labourers of the Gospel
into your harvest and grant that we,
inflamed by the same fire of charity,
may follow his teaching and example.
Through Christ our Lord.


Auguri a tutti! Buon Apostolato!

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