Jesus’ Passion

Jesus loves us so much

Jesus teaches us many things in life. Everything is centred on love. He teaches us the highest expression of love by giving up everything for us. This is Jesus’ great passion… of loving humanity. Giving himself is not forgetting, He is aware of what is happening and what He is doing, but He has no reservation for Himself.  He gives all until the end… until death.

Jesus loving us is a choice. He chooses us because He passionately loves us, and that love is unconditional – no matter who we are.  This is His humble obedience to the Father’s will. We can learn from His humble obedience by our commitment to choosing Him as the centre and the source of our lives. Our commitment in finding time to pray, to be faithful to the celebration of the sacraments, and to the regular reading of the scriptures helps us to know Jesus more and more deeply.  It is a great help to increasing our love on our spiritual journey.

Let us live, love and give His love everyday in any given opportunity. Meditating and contemplating the passion of Jesus is forming our heart like Him. Let us be open and allow ourselves to be formed. Jesus is a passionate person, He is love that is why He gives love to all.

What is your passion in life? Wherever your treasure is, there your heart belongs.

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