Praying with zeal

The zeal of the Heart of Jesus, is the zeal for “Rogate” for holy vocations in the Church.  The zeal of the Heart of Christ is for saving our sick humanity. This zeal is the compassion of Christ upon seeing the crowd who is helpless and dejected because they are like sheep without a shepherd.Praying in a wheatfield

Jesus’ Heart was moved to “Pray” – this was His immediate response because He felt such compassion for us, His people. The compassion of His Heart is not in words or feelings only but in action – He was moved to respond to the needs of the people. Even to this day, His Heart is restless and bleeds for the people who are in most need.

That prayer, “ROGATE”, is also our prayer to ask the Lord of the Harvest to send Holy Labourers into His Harvest. We pray everyday, therefore, that the Lord will hear us:

Send O Lord, Holy Apostles into Your Church

We pray for Holy Vocations according to His Heart so that before anything else we do is prayer… we don’t forget to pray first for our sanctity, for ourselves and for the holiness of others.

Feel welcome to add your prayer to our Prayer Requests page (go to Leave a Reply at the bottom of the page).

Image based on photo from | Wheat graphic courtesy of Sr Elvira Plazuelo fdz

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