The gravity of sin

We now continue with the second day of the Triduum of Reparation to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

The Fr Founder placed at the centre of the triduum, the meditation of the Intimate Pains of the Heart of Jesus, so that every Daughter of Divine Zeal opens up to the suffering of Christ for the loss of souls and would feel the urgency to implore good labourers from the divine mercy for their salvation. 

Jesus, the good shepherdThe attention to the ‘intimate pains’ of the Heart of Jesus is part of the spirituality of the Institute, so that its members would own the sentiments of Christ, obedient to the Father till death on the Cross.  (cf. Phil 2:5)

“I myself will look after my sheep and I will take care of them” (Ez. 34:11)

Sin is a complex and mysterious reality. Since it is a radical opposition to God, it obscures the divine image of man, procures disorder in interpersonal relationships and in relationship with creation. Sin is above all an offense to the holiness of God, who loves us immensely. To console His Heart, let us unite ourselves to Jesus Christ, the only Mediator, who has poured out His blood and has given His life for the remission of sins.


O our adorable Lord and
God, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
You are not content in having
created and redeemed us,
but You wanted to become
Shepherd and Victim for us:
we thank You for this gift of
Your infinite love
with which You fill our life.

For the intimate pains of
Your grieved heart,
which forgets the ninety-nine sheep on the hillside, and goes in search of the lost one:
accept us and all sinners
in Your sweet friendship,
so that conquered by You,
we may be among those
who would fruitfully receive You
sacramentally on earth and
then enjoy eternity with You.


Source: pp 168-172, United in Prayer, Institute of the Daughters of Divine Zeal, Rome 2010 | Image courtesy of

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