The loss of souls

In our congregation as Daughters of Divine Zeal, starting tomorrow February 7 of 2016, we have the first day of the Triduum of Reparation to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Jesus watches over the world of soulsThis triduum has its origin from the great sensibility of Fr Founder for the offenses incurred to Jesus in different places and times, and from the devotional practice of the ‘forty hours’ (a prolonged Eucharistic adoration) that up to this day in various parts, precedes or marks the beginning of the Lenten Season.

“God grieves in His heart” (Gen. 6:6)

With Ash Wednesday soon approaching, today, with our prayer, we would like to console the suffering Heart of Christ for the loss of souls, the most precious object of His Love:


Our adorable Lord,
our God, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
many times and in every hour of the day,
when the priest pronounces
the words of consecration.
You are immolated on the altar
for the salvation of man.

We thank and we praise You,
for in the wonderful sacrament of the Eucharist
You have left to us
the memorial of Your Easter.
Through the intimate pains
that you have suffered
having in mind
the many souls that would be lost,
we implore You, Lord Jesus Christ:
convert the hearts of sinners,
so that living in goodness
and righteousness of heart,
they may come to the knowledge of
the true God.

Awaken in the Church
worthy ministers of Your Altar,
generous apostles
who may proclaim to all the wonders of
Your merciful love.


Source: pp162-167, United in Prayer, Institute of the Daughters of Divine Zeal,  Rome 2010 | Image courtesy of

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