The way to heaven

Discern the momentGod’s creation is made good, and even more good when He created us, His human beings. This is so good because God the creator is good and we are created in His image. Therefore no one is born bad. What makes a person bad is her or his choices of doing bad and taking advantage of those who are weak. Once a person has  experienced injustices that makes her or him suffer so much in pain and disappointment in life, he or she may either respond to these situations badly such as doing terrible things towards others, or they may allow the experience to teach them to do good in return instead.

The sense of God in the life of a person is very important because it helps us to choose God in whatever challenges come. As human beings, we have will power and reasoning which makes us unique and different in comparison to God’s other creatures. Our free will is a gift from God  to enable us to make our own choices in life. However, we sometimes abuse that freedom to do anything that we want, especially when we do so without reflecting on how we may have hurt others’ feelings very badly.

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth are the seven mortal, capital or deadly sins that can harm yourself and others – and all of these spring from the selfishness of our hearts. Each one of us has her or his tendency to commit sin which damages the grace and charity of a person. Try to identify your tendency to sin. We can overcome all of these once we realize that we need God in our life. That we are for heaven. Once we are aware of our mistakes and ask forgiveness, it is the beginning of the restoration of our own dignity as a child of God.

Being aware that we are God’s children, that we are here because He loves and cares for us makes us worthy to live His love. We have to be reminded of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, piety and fear of the Lord, help us to counteract the way to the temptation of sinning. The three theological virtues too are our help in shielding ourselves from sinning. Living the theological virtues and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are ways to heaven as they give our attention to God.

Our constant prayer and communion with God and the life of the saints will help us to reach heaven. Centering and focusing our life on God assures us on our way to heaven – a heaven that is possible to live first here on earth. The way to heaven is to do the will of God, doing justice to our neighbours, walking humbly and praying constantly. The way to heaven is to recognize that God is the ultimate goal of our life and as our final end where we want to be with Him forever with the saints and angels. Let us continue to journey through our life towards and on that way to heaven, where we live in the life eternal.

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