video I choose you

How do I know if God is choosing me to become one of His followers, to live in a religious life?

Since from the beginning, God has planned our life. He formed our spiritual being through persons who take care of us when we are young, especially our parents and other significant people who are part of our spiritual formation. God guides us in many ways. His presence is always there showing us who He is: God and Man. Without doubt, God manifests His unconditional love to all of us. When we grow up, we make major decisions in our life.

I felt that God called me to make a lifetime commitment to a particular way of life.  I follow my heart’s desire,  that which delights me, the things or work that I am attracted to, my interests in life, the kind of people that I am with who give way to the vocation that I want to follow and respond to wholeheartedly. I am attracted to the ways that are concerned with God like prayer, attending Mass, and with people who spend their life actively involved in Church activities. In all of these I feel joy, peace, serenity and fulfillment.

My entering the religious life was the answer to my longing and desire to follow God. I felt the freedom and freewill of the Holy Spirit who guided me to choose the life that I now have. He chose me first and I choose Him. To this day, I feel the joy in my heart that goes on and on in choosing God above all other things here on earth. Though my life is not perfect – there are some difficult moments and  situations where I fail – I continue to believe that God is guiding me, and that His love gives me strength and courage to pursue my great desire in following Him… He chooses me because He loves me as I am, and with whatever I have. He chooses me because He believes in me, He chooses me because I am His unique masterpiece. I choose Him because He loves me through and through, and I believe in Him.  My life simply belongs to Him.

The solitary life, the moments of personal encounter and in communion with Him, the quiet moments where I can hear Him in prayer is an assurance that He is always there at my side, and that makes me happy.  His love fills the emptiness of my heart. He chose me first and I will never regret my choosing Him.

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