Dear Mother Nazarena

Sr Cielo's painting of Madre Nazarena
Sr Cielo’s painting of Madre Nazarena

Dear Mother Nazarena

Today is your birth in heaven.  All of us Daughters of Divine Zeal remember you in our prayers. We thank you for your life example, your total dedication in prayer and service especially towards those who are in most need of the mercy and compassion that brings one to their heavenly home. We, your spiritual daughters, will continue to live the spirit of Rogate (prayer) for holy vocations – the legacy that Fr. Annibale handed down to us. May each one of us live the ardent zeal of the heart of Jesus to pray and have compassion for the abandoned harvest.  Continue to intercede for us as we go on our journey of faith with  God.

Rogate - pray

O my dearest Mother Nazarena
You are one of the beloved daughters
of the Harvest Master

In your heart grows the seed of Rogate
The Rogate that answers the salvation of humanity

O my dearest Mother Nazarena
You collaborated on the apostolic works
of Padre Annibale

Deeply rooted in faith in God, the Divine Almighty
Prayers and services to those in need
led you to sanctity

O my dearest Mother Nazarena
You are our spiritual mother, sister and friend
Your heart is so huge to fit us all in
It is a heart that keeps loving us
till the end

O my dearest Mother Nazarena
Your example of life is our joyful hope and inspiration
Our hearts sing the melodious song of the Rogate
Singing “Rogate…, Rogate …” throughout our lives
keeps us going on and on

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