Christmas is still in our hearts

Be a gift to one another

Although 25 December has well and truly come and gone, we should continue to celebrate the days  of Christmas throughout the year. This liturgical season brings joy into everyone’s heart because our Messiah and Saviour has been born. He is the cause of our joy, peace, unity, communion and reconciliation.

There are so many experiences during this season: the various Christmas decorations, Christmas hymns and songs, parties, the liturgy and the gifts we have received.  These all add to the jubilant celebration of Christmas.

Gift giving is the most common act during this time.  In the lead up to Christmas Day, many of us have been busy buying and wrapping gifts to give to our loved ones. We are happy receiving – whether small or big – as long as we have a gift. Yet, the best gift that we can ever receive – and at any time of the year – is Jesus in our lives.

Jesus is born in our hearts and through this we are aware that we are the temple, the sanctuary and the living tabernacle.  We carry Jesus wherever we go.  Jesus is Emmanuel, which is Hebrew for “God with us”.  Once we are aware that Jesus is with us, we radiate to others that happiness in our heart.  Jesus is simply incomparable to any other earthly gifts because having Jesus with us gives us joy in our hearts.  Jesus is the ultimate gift that we can give and receive.  All other material gifts are really secondary and will never last long.  They are not for life; they have expiry dates.

Many times we fail to look at the essence of Christmas. We seem to only focus upon the superficial things, we are blinded by the dazzling array of material things. But when we go deeper within ourselves, in silence and reflection, we can truly see the value and meaning of Christmas.

I hope that everyday is Christmas for you because celebrating this season means that we are always filled with gladness. Christmas is joy because the love of Christ is in our hearts and, consequently, in our lives. No matter what kind of experiences we may have in life, we can feel assured that we carry that spark of joy within us.  Sharing it with others can fill the whole world with exultant joy.

Let us continue to live the spirit of Christmas and be the best gift for others throughout the year.  Have a blessed and bountiful new year!

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