A Great Sign Was Given

Today, January 3, we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord. It is the manifestation of God’s presence within us.  He is among us.

The star is a great manifestation of the birth of Jesus because it is the sign given that the Messiah, the saviour, is born. It is the star that signifies the presence of God. The star is pointing us to God, and that star is referring to Jesus.

In our life, too, we may have an experience of a person who has led us to God because her or his life has manifested the life of God. She or he can be a star in your life. You may identify who are these stars.  All of us can also be a shining star that leads others to God.  It is a challenge to be a star for one another, a star that sheds light to illuminate the path of our and others’ lives with and in God.

The Magi

This day also is a Missionary Day of the institute; the charism and spirituality of Rogate brings each Daughter of Divine Zeal to collaborate for the evangelization of people. Like the missionary enthusiasm of the Magi who searched and followed that bright star long ago and had the courage to witness and spread the good news to their place, may we, too, with the missionary spirit of Rogate, answer the particular call of our vocation.

Enjoy the video above.

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