Mary and world peace

Mary and Jesus
On this first day of the new year, 2016, we have two-fold celebrations: the Motherhood of Mary and the day for world peace. 

The Motherhood of Mary accompanies us in our journey of faith towards the sanctity of life. She shows us how to care for our family, teaches us how to turn towards her Son Jesus and love Him more deeply, and how to be attentive to those who are most in need of help.

On this day under Mary’s guidance and protection, we pray, too, for world peace as Mary and her Son, Jesus the King of Peace and the bringer of Peace. We experience that in this world there is so much suffering and pain felt deep inside in one’s heart due to selfishness, anger and greed.  We forget the goodness that is in us, that God has made us good. If we become aware of the beauty of our being, our  own identity, dignity, giftedness, and self worth, our goodness created in the image of God will diminish or remove all the negatives we feel within us.

Let us begin this new year promoting and living in peace: with ourselves, with our families, our friends,  and all others in the whole word. We continue to ask Mary to intercede for us and to help us embrace the whole world with peace, unity and reconciliation.

Mary Queen of Peace… Pray for us.

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