Christmas Novena, Day 9: O Lord Jesus

During the Christmas Novena, each day for 9 days we, the Daughters of Divine Zeal, do the following: Advent song, a reflection on the theme of the day, prayer to the Virgin Mary and to St. Joseph, Word from the Scripture and presentation of the symbol to be placed at the foot of the Altar.

Please feel welcome to join us on this, the final day of the Christmas Novena, in spirit and prayer.

Ninth Day of the Novena: O Lord Jesus

Vigilant in Prayer, exultant in praise with the lamp lighted let us go and meet the Spouse who is to come.

Day 9 – Lamps and food
Day 9 – Lamps and food

We arrive at the threshold of the mystery of the incarnation: the Son of God is about to be given to us through Mary. She did not put obstacles in the fulfillment of God’s promises, she becomes His temple. The fecund action of the Holy Spirit transforms her “fiat” into a welcoming dwelling of the King of Heaven. St. Annibale Maria says: “besides the heart of St. Joachim and St. Anne, St. Joseph, and St. Simeon, there was a need of a singular heart, a creature that was able to gather in herself the Word of God and this was Mary! (cf.Writings of St. Annibale Maria Di Francia, vol. 12, p.20).

Like Christ, yesterday, to be able to enter into our history. He did not choose powerful means, but the humility of the Daughter of Sion, so today, He asks us to welcome our poverty. Let us ask from Him to grant us new energy for our life, to make us more courageous and zealous for the glory of God and for the good of our brethren.  Let us invoke the Immaculate Virgin and St. Joseph, may they intercede for us and obtain for us to welcome the Lord Jesus:

O Immaculate Virgin Mary,
O venerable St. Joseph,
we beg your help in preparing all the items needed
for he coming birth of the Incarnate Word
in the stable of Bethlehem.
He desires to find hearts which
welcome, clothe, warm and comfort Him. (St. Annibale Maria)

Reading: Isaiah 25: 6-8

Symbol: The food for our Lady and Saint Joseph is prepared by fasting. The proceeds will be given to the poor.  (A basket of food will be brought to the altar for Mary and Joseph.)

Prayer: O God, every year You gladden us with the expectation of Jesus the Saviour. Grant us to welcome now Your only Son with joy as our Redeemer, and to see Him without fear, when He comes as judge. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

Invocation: Let us repeat often during the day: “If loving You is to suffer I want to suffer to love You.”

Melchior Paul von Deschwanden [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Day 9 – Guardian Angel. Melchior Paul von Deschwanden [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Model of waiting: Guardian Angel of the Most Holy Virgin and St. Joseph

In the history of salvation, God sent the angels to protect the Patriarchs, His servants and the whole chosen people. Let us entrust to them all our apostolic endeavours, especially the children and the youth. (United in Prayer, pp. 98-99).

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