Christmas Novena, Day 6: O Star that Rises

During the Christmas Novena, each day for 9 days we, the Daughters of Divine Zeal, do the following: Advent song, a reflection on the theme of the day, prayer to the Virgin Mary and to St. Joseph, Word from the Scripture and presentation of the symbol to be placed at the foot of the Altar.

Please feel welcome to join us in spirit and prayer.

Sixth Day of the Novena: O Star that Rises

Let us be vigilant in prayer, exultant in praise and with lamp lighted: let us go to meet the Spouse who is to come.

Day 6 - Lamps, fire and light
Day 6 – Lamps, fire and light

The Messiah, that the prophets have announced long ago, has come into the world as a Star that rises from the East, it reaches every man and banishes the darkness of sin. In revealing the face of God, He is the light that brightens the way towards the Father with the care and the power of love. The Holy Spirit poured in our heart binds us with him, it involves us, it communicates the same divine power of love to us, it is helps us change our heart profoundly, it transforms and it renews. St. Annibale Maria says: “Love is a very strong ardent fire that cannot be kept closed, it desires to be shared, and make use of its function. Jesus ardently desires to be born and longs to stay among men”. (cf. Writings of Annibale Maria di Francia, vol.15, p. 106).

He comes as a benevolent and merciful light to care and save man from sin. Be guided by Mary, Virgin Mother and by St. Joseph, her spouse, let us welcome Jesus, Sun of Justice:

O Immaculate Virgin Mary,
O venerable St. Joseph,
we beg your help in preparing all the items needed
for he coming birth of the Incarnate Word
in the stable of Bethlehem.
He desires to find hearts which
welcome, clothe, warm and comfort Him. (St. Annibale Maria)

Reading: Revelation 22: 16-17

Symbol: We prepare the fire and light in the stable of Bethlehem. The coal for the fire will be made of the same wood of the cradle. The fire and light we symbolically prepare by mortification in eating and drinking. ( The fire and light are brought to the altar.)

Prayer: Christ, the radiant Star of the Morning, Alpha and Omega of all things, You come and assumed our human flesh and make of Your body in glory. Amen

Invocation: We repeat often during the day: “O Sweetest Child Jesus, give me your heart and take mine”.

Day 6 - Angels: Glory to God on Christmas night
Day 6 – Angels: Glory to God on Christmas night

Model of waiting: The Angels of “Glory to God” on Christmas night

Their song never ceases to resound in the praise of the Church. Let us learn to celebrate with liturgy properly and let us live with responsibility and humility the Praying dimension of “Rogate”. (United in Prayer, pp.89-91)


  1. I would like permission to use the image “Day 6 – Angels: Glory to God on Christmas Night” as the cover image for our Christmas concert program. My name is Bill Soranno. I am the Secretary/Treasurer for Joyful Noise Bell Choir in Winona, MN. Every December we do a free Christmas concert (asking for food donations). This years theme for the concert is “The Glory of Christmas”. The Day 6 picture would be perfect for the cover of the program we hand out at the concert. We also advertise on Facebook, so the image would be used in the event.
    Thank you so much for considering my request.

    • Dear Bill

      Thanks for getting in touch. The image used for Day 6 – Angels: Glory to God on Christmas night was sourced from – as at 08 November 2018 it is a free download and there are a number of image sizes available.

      “Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!” (Psalm 98:4)

      May God bless you and all the other members of the Joyful Noise Bell Choir.

      Daughters of Divine Zeal

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