Christmas Novena, Day 3: O Guide of the House of Israel

During the Christmas Novena, each day for 9 days we, the Daughters of Divine Zeal, do the following: Advent song, a reflection on the theme of the day, prayer to the Virgin Mary and to St. Joseph, Word from the Scripture and presentation of the symbol to be placed at the foot of the Altar.

Please feel welcome to join us in spirit and prayer.

Third Day of the Novena: O Guide of the House of Israel

Vigilant in prayer, exultant in praise and with lighted lamp, let us go and meet the Spouse who is to come.

Day 3 - Lamps and pillow
Day 3 – Lamps and pillow

Today let us contemplate the fidelity of the Lord, acknowledging His loving presence in history. God walks with us: this certainty gives us courage and trust and it arouses the desire to listen to His Word. the Word of God made His dwelling place among people and made Himself Son of man, in order that humanity understands God and lets God pitch His dwelling in man according to the will of the Father. For this reason God Himself has given us as a “sign” of our redemption. He who was born of the Virgin, He Himself will come and He will be our Redemption( cf. St. Ireneus).

St. Annibale Maria says: “Man on this earth is an exile from his own Land, he is a pilgrim, he is a traveller… he is in need of help, of light, of counsel and comfort. God in His infinite goodness wanted Himself to be constituted as companion of man in his pilgrimage, He did not like to leave Him alone. No truth is more carefully given. (cf. Writings vol.11,p.144).

The shining example of Mary and Joseph in welcoming the plan of the Father, comforts us and freed from every obstacle, we can live our life adhering to His will with following Jesus, leader of the house of Israel:

O Immaculate Virgin Mary,
O venerable St. Joseph,
we beg your help in preparing all the items needed
for he coming birth of the Incarnate Word
in the stable of Bethlehem.
He desires to find hearts which
welcome, clothe, warm and comfort Him. (St. Annibale Maria)

Reading: Isaiah 9:1-3

Symbol: We prepare in the stable of Bethlehem a pillow made of the purest wool of lambs without blemish. The pillow is a sign of welcome for the Baby Jesus and is prepared by reciting the Act of Contrition to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. ( A small pillow is brought to the altar.)

Prayer: O God of goodness and mercy, in Your Son Jesus You have called us from darkness into light: grant to us Your children, to be awake from the sleep of egoism and of sin to meet Christ, Your Son and our Lord. Amen

Day 3 - Simeon with baby Jesus
Day 3 – Simeon with baby Jesus*

Invocation: We repeat often during the day: “O my beloved, come quickly and take my heart”.

Model of waiting: St. Simeon

St. Simeon is the representative of the “little” remnant of the poor people that awaits in hope the “comfort of Israel” and the redemption of Jerusalem. We also await the coming of the One who is “Lord” of our life. (United in Prayer, pp.80-82)

*Image courtesy of Alexey Yegorov ( [Public domain, {{PD-US}}], via Wikimedia Commons


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