The significant women in my life

Mother Mary Prayer
I am counting the days to when we will be celebrating the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on 08 December. Mary has been a great and instrumental part of my vocation. Her life example and her total dedication to love Jesus moment by moment gives me an inspiration of journeying with this love, day by day.

I have had other significant women in my life who took a part in my journey.  They have been simple women who simply taught me to live God’s love.  They have not been perfect, but they have always tried to live their sanctity of life each day.

When we grow, we don’t notice how our faith and our life, living in the spirit,  matures and I am thankful to the women who have helped me and accompanied me on my spiritual journey. These women have been my spiritual guides who have helped to direct my life towards God. What has been common to each of them is that they have been teachers by profession, one of which has been my own mother – I call her Mama Coring.  She taught me many things in life, including, most importantly, who God is and what true love means. She was simple and committed as a teacher.  She was not only my mother but her maternity extended to and shared a spiritual motherhood with us, her children, and her students.  She was a pious person, faithful to the sacramental life, confession and the Eucharist.  She had a few well-known devotions such as the Sacred Heart, Perpetual Help, Santo Nino and The souls in Purgatory, and she always found time for our family. She told us short stories from the Bible, about Jesus, sacrifice and life in general.

Another significant woman in my life was Ma’am Rose, my grade school teacher. She always let me bring the Catholic pamphlet that our family subscribed to every month about Catechism and the teachings of the Church. She was such a kind and committed teacher and she was active in our Parish.

Ma’am Gading was another person who made a great impression on me. She was our neighbour and a good high school teacher in our place.  She was also active in Parish activities. Every summer, especially in the month of May which is dedicated to Our Lady, Mary, we were invited to gather together with her children in the nearby Chapel and we prayed the Rosary every afternoon.  We also did some Catechism. At this young age I learned how to pray the Rosary because she encouraged us to lead one decade of the Rosary. She lived what she preached – she was simple and a generous person.

One other woman who had a significant impact on my life was my cousin – I call her Ate Mina and she is 6 years older than me.  I consider her as my elder sister and a friend. I am inspired by her because she is diligent, patient, kind and she taught me how to do the household chores and to be committed in my attendance at any big Church celebrations such as the feasts and solemnities.

There are so many other significant women in my life to whom I am so grateful: my formators and superiors who are instrumental to my religious life.  They have helped me to deepen my spiritual journey. I am inspired by their good example such as in prayer and in work.

Who have been the significant women in your faith journey?

Let us ask Mary to guide and intercede for all women:

O Mary, I pray in trust to you as I pay tribute to all the women who are tirelessly and actively serving the Church, for those women who are abused, at war, abandoned and experiencing difficulties in their lives.  I pray that they may never lose hope. For older women, those who are terminally ill, who are dying in hospital or at home, I pray that they continue gazing upon you and never get tired of loving you and your Son, Jesus.  I ask God that they may offer their lives to Him and realize that there is more life in the life to come. Amen.

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