Advent journey

Advent Wreath
The beginning of the Advent season is here. As we journey together we are reminded of the three important spiritual things that we need to intensify:

  1. living religiously, piously and lovingly
  2. the act of Alms giving
  3. praying and doing charitable acts

The Advent season prepares us for the birth of Christ.  This is the same feeling of the people as narrated in the Old Testament when they were waiting for the Saviour to come.  And so today we are also in that moment of waiting for His coming: coming into our hearts and dwelling there permanently. The daily readings from the scriptures, both from the Old and New Testaments, are of great help and guide us to enter into the life of Mary and Joseph.

Our religious community has some spiritual initiatives during our journeying with Mary and Joseph that help us and give meaning to these four weeks of Advent. As a family or as individuals, you are challenged to make a plan so that your own spiritual journey is meaningful during this season of Advent.

Stay tuned to our upcoming posts as we will have pictures of our initiatives and explain what our community does.

In the meantime, happy journeying…

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