The heart of our life

FDZ Emblem

The Daughters of Divine Zeal wear a heart emblem inscribed with the words of Jesus in latin. These divine words in English say:

“The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest to send labourers into His harvest.”

This is the identity, the charism, spirituality and the missionary life of the Daughters of Divine Zeal. The zeal of Jesus’ heart is the zeal for the “Rogate” or prayer for holy vocations in the Church. The burning zeal of the love Christ for saving lost souls – our lost humanity. This zeal of love in His heart causes Him to feel compassion upon seeing the vast crowd who are helpless and dejected.  They are like the sheep without the shepherd.  Therefore, He first uttered these words:

“Pray to the Lord of the Harvest for holy labourers.”

Jesus’ immediate response is prayer. His compassion moved him to respond to the needs of the people. His prayer comes from His heart.  This is also the prayer for each Daughter of Divine Zeal and all of those who belong to the Rogationist family. The burning zeal of the heart of Jesus moved Him to guide us in asking the Lord of the Harvest. This is His divine command.  Prayer is the key for the salvation of souls, to obtain holy vocations in the Church and for the reign of the Kingdom of God.

Let us join together and pray to the Master of the Harvest that He will never fail to send holy vocations into the Church.  All the nations shall will be holy too.

“Send O Lord Holy Apostles into Your Church.”

This prayer, the legacy of St Annibale Maria Di Francia, is handed unto his spiritual sons and daughters, and the zeal for this prayer continues to spread around the world.

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