I will sing forever of Your love, Lord

Being in love with the Lord is highly powered and so charged with energy that you cannot keep it or hide it. It comes out so spontaneously and visibly that others notice it. Your heart is always singing, beating to the rhythm of love, and your feet are always dancing with the beloved.


Your happiness cannot be contained within your self alone. What is inside radiates throughout and the aura can be felt. Being in love with the Lord makes your day joyous and it gives you strength.

Singing His love is living His love too. Being attuned to God’s love is love in itself. Each day God leads us to multiple choices. He gives us the freedom to choose the best. May the very best that you have chosen allow you to sing a joyful song of God’s love. A love that gives us life, a love that forgives, a love that keeps you going in the midst of life’s difficulties and challenges. Sometimes our choices are very human and self-centered but once we realize this, it is the moment that we have to be humble and rise up again.

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