Love flows from Christ

Heart of flowers
One of the homilies of a priest that I heard two months ago inspired me a lot.  It’s all about meditating on the love of Christ.  From that day on, I promised to meditate on the love of Christ at least for  fifteen minutes everyday.  Meditating on God’s love each day becomes a part of my life.

Once, I experienced an event after rising from my bed early in the morning.  My eyes gazed straight ahead to the crucifix hanging on the wall.  I looked at Jesus Christ intently and He seemed to be saying to me:

“I died for you on the cross because I love you.”

At that moment I felt so happy and whispered to myself, “Lord, thank you.”

There are many ways the Lord manifests His love to us:  through people around us, people who show mercy and care, through the tiny smile of a child or a senior citizen.  The Sacred Scripture is a means for us to listen to His words and to the homily of a priest. God converses with us.  The crucifix, through which I tremendously experienced the love of Christ flowing from His heart on that morning, is one of those many ways too.

It is a great blessing, indeed, if a man and woman can recognize Christ’s love for them.  It gives such strength and joy in their journey each day towards holiness.  God Himself manifests His love and He longs for us to receive His love wholeheartedly.  This can be a challenge for all of us – including me, as a Consecrated person.  I am aware that I have offered my life for the service of God with all my strengths and limitations.  God loves me as I am and I have to share this love, without reserve, with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Let us continue to live with a strong faith in God and, with a joyful heart, let us proclaim and witness God’s love.  May God bless us all!

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