FDZ and RCJ: Our identity

The Daughters of Divine Zeal (FDZ) and the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus (RCJ) are religious congregations whose charism is “the understanding and the zeal of the Lord’s words:

“Messis quidem multa, operarii autem pauci. Rogate ergo dominum messis ut mittat operarios in messem suam.”

[The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest.]

(Mt 9:37-38; Lk 10:2)

Rogate - Pray
We are the spiritual daughters and sons of St Annibale Maria Di Francia. He was inspired by and lived the words of Jesus. These words completely transformed his life.  He became committed to living a way of life that would respond to the problems of society and to the lack of good workers in the Church. This is the charism, the spirituality, and mission of the two institutes he founded.

Our congregations are uniquely identified as followers of the Christ of the Rogate (prayer) to the Master of the Harvest. It is the Rogate that is the solution of so many problems in our society today and for the lack of Holy ministers in the Church. Prayer is the source of the sanctity of a person’s life. Praying for vocations, particularly for holy priests and religious, is most in need to gain a holy people and holy nations.

“The obedience to this divine command, that contains ‘a secret of salvation’ for humanity, is a gift that characterizes us in the Church as Daughters of Divine Zeal and demands of us a fervent spirit of prayer and Rogationist action.” (FDZ contitutions)

The charism of the Rogate commits us to:

  • pray daily so that the Lord will raise up Gospel workers
  • spread far and wide this spirit of prayer and promote vocations in the Church
  • be “good workers” of the Kingdom

This is an advocacy.  Let us start to commit praying for the sanctity of all the priests in the parishes, all the cloistered religious, bishops, lay ministers, and church leaders because they are the shield against evil in these world. We raise this short prayer to God during any activities, gatherings and prayer meetings:

“Send, O Lord, Holy Apostles into Your Church!”

Spread this prayer throughout your homes, offices, and schools so that the Lord of the Harvest will hear our pleas and petitions wherever we are. He will not fail to send Holy New Apostles in His Vineyard as this is an urgent need for a holy Nation with a holy people. Oh how wonderful it would be to live in a world where we can start to live in paradise here on earth. Rogate!

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