Consecrated Life… a life for God

Shine and show the way like a lighthouse
Consecrated life is a life lived for God. Those who live in their consecration are considered as a light to the right path pointing to God. It is like a lighthouse standing on the seashore or wharf area where its serves its purpose of pointing to the sea vessels that they are approaching their destination. The lighthouse gives an assurance of their nearness to the land. The lighthouse must be brightly lit all the time.

This is also like the life of consecrated persons – they are living the eschatological life dimension: the here and now but not yet. Where consecrated persons are challenged to live in God’s presence, the life to make live the heaven here on earth, it is the anticipation of living that heaven here on earth. As the gospel says:

“You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world…” (Mt 5:13,14)

Therefore, consecrated persons have a great responsibility to ensure that their presence makes sense. Their presence is a clear sign of a life for God. God is visible in their doings, God is touchable through them.  They speak of God’s words. If they lose their essence and their purpose, they mislead the people. If there is God, there is joy because of love. That love of God is a witness to them in their joyful life. That is why Pope Francis, in his Rejoice! letter to consecrated men and women, reminds us that:

“Wherever consecrated people are, there is always joy!”

The joy is within because there is God and God is joy. Let us pray for all consecrated persons that they may live their consecration authentically, joyfully and all for the love of Christ.

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