The roots of my vocation

Heart struck by God's love
Today, while gazing at the marvellous love of Christ upon me and on the whole of humanity, in my meditation I had a flashback on the beautiful event when I was called to follow Christ closely.

In 1990 on one morning of a three-day search-in at St Joseph Convent, Laoag City, Philippines I came across a particular verse of the Word of God in the Gospel of Matthew:

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and these things shall be added unto you” (Mt 6:33)

These Words of God were just like an arrow that struck my heart and I said, “Yes Lord I will follow you”.

From that time on, I was very sure of my vocation.  I wanted to follow the Lord closely through the Religious Life.  I felt that nobody could hinder me anymore, neither my family, nor my friends and my job.

That same year, I entered the Daughters of Divine Zeal in Manila.  When I was in formation and even when I had already become a nun, I encountered many challenges, the experiences of some of which I will share now.

Firstly, when I was in my formation, one of my sisters tried to lure me to leave the convent.  She told me, “life outside is better and the best ever is married life.   You are a recently converted Catholic and you might not have discerned your decision well”.  In response to her, I said:  “I am now at the right age where I am pretty sure of my decision.  Even though I am the only Catholic left in our family, I have opted to remain Catholic”.

Secondly, when I was already a Sister, one of the folks my family knew asked me, “You are a Catholic nun but your family has other beliefs, how can you live as one family?” I responded to her with these words:  “Faith is not the thing that binds us; rather it is Love that binds us together”.  Even I was surprised at my responses to my sister and the latter, but I am convinced and believe that the Spirit of God was the One who inspired me.

Gazing still at the love of Christ, I realize that those Words of God are the roots of my vocation.  God called me with His Words and I responded wholeheartedly. I am grateful for His love and call.

Whoever read this simple sharing, especially those young ones who are still searching for their vocation in life, try to read the Word of God and listen… in silence you too might discover what the Lord wants for you.  Now is the time to open your hearts with the voice of the Lord and one day you, too, may say my vocation!

Sr Tina Lubong, FDZ

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