God’s divine gift of love

Our life is a gift from God. We are born because of love, our parents love us and, above all, God loves us. We are born and called to a certain purpose in life.

I love you, Lord
I love you, Lord

Vocation is a call and every call is a call to life. It is an infinite and definite divine gift of love from God. If we recognize the giver as God, we must be happy and take care of the gift because it is the Divine who calls us. Responding to His call is leading us to holiness as it comes from Him.

Along the way of journeying through this challenging life, God has assured us of His infinite presence.  He never fails His promises to  help us in times of difficulties and in the tests of our faith, hope and love. God speaks deeply in our hearts. Only the one who is called by Him to a particular vocation can know how to answer this call. He has given us the freedom to respond to His call but we need to be humble our self and pray always for a right decision because this decision is for life.

Enjoy God’s gift with awe and wonder. Each day be ready for this journey of faith. Expect something new and something to learn about so many things in life because all of these things are part of life’s spiritual growth. It is He, a God who is not boring, a God who is fond of many surprises!

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