I am Yours, Lord

What was the most precious gift that you have ever received? How did you feel upon receiving it?

Worshipping God

There are not many people in the world who have not received a gift in some way or other. Each one has received one, whether it has been a small gift or a big gift – and it does not have to be a physical gift that is placed in one’s hands.

A vocation is a divine gift that comes from God. Each one of us has a particular calling that destines us to an everlasting commitment. We can feel this call as a strong invitation from God to love Him. We may notice signs along our life’s journey, where our heart draws so close to Him and to a particular destiny in life – and it may happen as an intense feeling deep inside that impels us to answer it. God leads us to what is right or fit for us to love and live.

Every vocation is a divine gift whether it is in married life, single blessedness, lay consecrated or religious life. These particular vocations in life uniquely respond to where God wants us to be joyful for the rest of our life. Prayer is important to make the right choice and to respond with gratitude, peace, serenity and sincerity to the One who has called us to that gift of vocation. Once you have responded to His call, you are responsible for living that journey with faith, hope and love.

We are happy and challenged throughout our life.  When we make our decisions in life, God will always assist us – even when we sometimes feel lonely and fearful of the things ahead of us.  We are assured that He will never leave us alone and that He will always be part of our journey if we will it.

We continue to pray and pray without ceasing for our daily perseverance, commitment, good service and fidelity until the end of everything, so that at the end we can say:

I am Yours, Lord, forever and ever. Amen.

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