A day with Mary… and with the other Marys.

Mary Bambinella - Happy Birthday to Mary
Mary Bambinella – Happy Birthday to Mary

September 8 marks the birth of Mary and as a community, we had a prayer vigil on the eve of her birthday where we prepared three important symbolic offerings before the altar in our chapel. These symbols are significant to us:

  • Incense: This symbolises the expression of our thanksgiving to God for enriching our institute with new vocations.  We ask for God’s blessing and particularly for a grace for those who are living the call and trying to live their vocation in fidelity and humility.
  • Honey: We ask Mary Bambinella to keep us, just like the queen bee in her beehive, away from all the dangers of the world and the devil.  We pray that great is the pleasure of  being with Jesus, our spouse – again like the bees in the beehive which make the delicious honey of holiness.
  • Heart: We present our selves to Mary Bambinella, the desire of the sanctification of our souls and of all humanity.  We sing songs to Mary as an expression of our thanksgiving, honour, and pray in our hearts for her guidance and protection in our spiritual journey.
The three symbolic offerings
The three symbolic offerings

On that day of her birthday, only two days ago, we prayed the Holy Rosary, contemplating the joyful mysteries and we concluded with a Eucharistic Celebration with Father Toto, an Indonesian Jesuit priest. Our joy was complete because some of the girls from our hostel, Madre Nazarena Student’s House,  joined the said celebration.

In his homily Fr Toto asked us, one by one, “what is the favorite title of Mary in your own country?” One shared “Mary is Immaculate”, another said, “she is famous in her name Maria”, the other, “Mama”,  and many shared that she is called “Mother”. It was interesting because calling Mary in a particular way is an intimate expression, close to the heart of each person. We remember to pray and thank the other many Marys in our life who have a great part in our journey of faith.

After the Mass, Sr Floriana shared with the girls a little information about of Fr Annibale’s devotion to “Mary Bambinella” or “Mary Bambina” – Mary, the little child.

You can view photos of the day in our Facebook Photo Album.

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