Lord, help!… please show me the way

Vocation is a gift from God. Each individual has a particular calling. It is not just a simple calling but a divine calling that comes from God.

Which way am I being called
Which way am I being called

To answer a particular vocation is one of the biggest, final and ultimate decision to make because it is meant to be for a lifetime and beyond. God gives us the freedom to respond to His call with sincerity and trust in Him. It is the cause of our joy when we respond positively to the vocation to which we are called. It is God who destined us to this vocation and He give us the grace to persevere. It is not enough to rely only on our own capacity or power – above all, it is important to pray for a good and right decision.

Any vocational calling, such as married life, priestly or religious life, lay consecrated life and single blessedness, will always lead us back to God. Each call differs in its way we express our love for God and our neighbour. The call will challenge us to become a holy person. Above all, within this calling, God says “You are mine”. Perhaps we are at a crossroad – it is a challenge to choose the right way that it is destined for us. Yet, we need to remember that God is ahead of us, to welcome us to that place.

Be persevering in prayer and ask help from the Holy Spirit for enlightenment and the gift of wisdom to make the right decision. Even when you feel challenged with life’s daily experiences, God assures us that He is with us always, and He will never leave us alone.

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