Urgent need of …Holy Priests

Rev Wilford Urmaza RCJ prays
Rev Wilford Urmaza RCJ prays.  He will be ordained a priest in October 2015*

Do you pray for your parish priest or any priest?

The divine command of Jesus urges us to pray for good workers in the Church. The prayer of Jesus to ask the Lord of the harvest for holy ministers is urgent, effective, necessary, and applicable at this time.  In particular we have to pray for the holiness of all the priests. As Pope Francis will always humbly say and ask the faithful:

Please don’t forget to pray for me

Our society, nation and the whole world needs holy priests or holy pastors who will guide our spiritual life journey with God.  It is an urgent need to pray for holy priests not only just for the numbers of priests that God will send – we have to ask God for priests according to His Heart. This prayer is urgent and is a necessity because many people are going astray, a lot of troubles are happening around the world because there is no sense of God in people’s lives.

The holiness of a priest or pastor will affect the lives of the people, they have a big role for the sanctity of the faithful. So let us live this commitment daily, to say and spread this prayer so that we too may become one of the holy ones:

Send, O Lord, Holy Priests into Your Church!

*Rev Wilford Ramos Urmaza RCJ will be ordained priests in the Philippines on 24 October 2015.  Please pray especially for him, Rev Ryan Torion Jimenez RCJ and Rev Joel Ribleza Ricafranca RCJ.

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