Family …seed bed of vocations

Family is the seedbed for vocations
Family is the seedbed for vocations. Artwork by Sr Cielo Tanio fdz

The family is the smallest group of people in the society. Even though it has a small number of people, it is the most important in the community, to the Church, society, nation and, in general, to the whole world because it is the family unit that builds its future.

Family must be strengthened in the wisdom and the knowledge of God because it is the seedbed of good vocations, it is the seedbed for holy labourers. The family is the first school of learning about God. Putting God at the centre,  good values manifest in the lives of each member of the family. Mothers, fathers and other adults in the family have a great and important role to play in teaching their children or the young the Christian values in life like love,  respect, sacrifice, value of prayer and work, etc. When parents demonstrate and live these Christian values, this produces good and holy vocations for the community, society, nations and the whole world.

What a wonderful world it would be if each one of us had God at the centre of our lives? Everything starts in the family – that is why the Holy Father delivered one of his most inspiring speeches when meeting with families:

…make a home for Jesus.  You make a home for him in your hearts, your families, your parishes and your communities.

His challenge to families is not to leave prayer life; to put God always at the centre of everything,  we expect the seed of holy vocations that is planted in the fertile soil of a prayerful family life will produce good fruit, holy vocations in the Church. For these, let us continue praying to the Master of the Harvest …Send O Lord Holy Parents, Holy Men and Women into your Church!

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  1. Thank you Yvonne for reading my article. Let us continue to pray for families, that they put God as the center of their lives.

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