Falling in love with Jesus…

God is love.  He is simply love in itself. Knowing how Jesus loves, experiencing His love is a great joy in one’s heart. His love is unfathomable and never ends, meaning it is everlasting. Contemplating Him as a God of love, the source of all love, I am drawn to Him. His love is limitless such that words are just not enough to describe everything about Him. His heart communicates only with and for love.  His heart touches people’s lives.  His heart always sings a lovely song for us.

Image of painting by artist Greg Olsen
Image of painting by artist Greg Olsen*

God walks with us in love and we always feel assured that He will never leave us alone nor lonely. His heart listens to our stories of success, pain and difficulties.  His love is perfect.

Falling in love with Jesus is a journey of life. When we listen to the beats of our heart they sound like this:

love God, love God, love God

He is there in our hearts reminding us of His love for us.

Thinking of Jesus’ love, we are in His presence and we intimately feel the deep joy, peace and love within us. I think I am on the ongoing process of loving Him and although my love is not perfect, it is He who makes it perfect.

Falling in love with the unseen God is the delight of my heart and anybody’s heart who sees and feels for Him.  His  mysterious heart is burning with love and affection. Loving Him again and again surpasses any other human love that I have experienced in life. I know that He chose me to love Him and there is no reason not to choose Him too. I am falling for Him above any other things here on earth. For me, to say  forever is not just enough to say, “I Love You Jesus, Lord or God”. He is always faithful in His love and what I am praying for is that I may be able to respond to His love with generosity and perseverance, until the end of my life, and that I always choose Him above any other things.  I pray also for all those who follow Jesus, that their love will never fade in the midst of temptations, difficulties, trials and anything else that can separate them from Jesus.

*Image of Greg Olsen’s painting, Forgiven, found in a gallery at turnbacktogod.com

“From an early age I have always been fascinated by paintings that create mood, emotion and atmosphere; especially those paintings that lift me and transport me to some far off place. These are the elements I strive to create in my paintings. My paintings in many ways record what is most important to me: my feelings and experiences with family and friends along with the spiritual aspects of my life. My hope is that in these images you will find something familiar, something which will resonate and remind you of what is important in your own life.”  — Greg Olsen | You can find more of his beautiful paintings on Greg Olsen’s Official Site

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