My heart is full of gladness

Hands hold the FDZ emblem

My heart is full of gladness!
While celebrating your love with madness
a love that conquers and sacrifices
Leads me to God to its fullness.

My heart is full of gladness!
Knowing persons who have followed your footsteps
Padre Annibale is one among the best
who live his whole life in holiness.

My heart is full of gladness!
Every time I think and pray of you O Padre
Your life was consumed for the Christ of the Rogate
That keeps your heart’s delight burning untiringly
In loving God and neighbour with fidelity.

My heart is full of gladness!
As you God challenge me constantly
To renew my commitment daily
As I lively live Rogate humbly and joyfully
With sincerity I fervently pray
To ask God the Father of Mercy
O how to live this life fully
Prayer is the only way to reach towards sanctity.

This poem is a simple and a joyful expression to thank God for the gift of Padre Annibale to the congregation. As his spiritual daughter, I am happy and proud to have a holy spiritual father like him who always find time in communion with God praying for good labourers and doing good service to the poor. I pray that we as his spiritual children will continue this mission to pray for more holy vocations, to spread the prayer to make it known and universal, and to become what we pray to be holy, to be the first authentic witnesses and good and holy labourers of the Lord of the Harvest.

Send, O Lord, Holy Apostles into your Church!

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