The sunflower

The sunflower follows the sun
The sunflower follows the sun

Prayer is lifting up our hearts and minds to the Lord. It is indeed a way of communicating with God or being in communion with Him.

I believe that our attitude of prayer can be compared to a sunflower in which the life of the sunflower is always following the direction of the sun where it goes from the rising to its setting down. It always focuses directly on the sun. Likewise for us, we focus on God because we are for Him. It is the main reason, the purpose of our existence. We are here because of Him. Therefore, we have to give back to God what belongs to him – and we belong to Him.

The sunflower looks like the sun. We too we become like Him and the main purpose of our life must be for Him, in Him and with Him. Our minds and hearts will be like Him. In centering our attention on God, we become like Him and reflect His ways, particularly in the way we love others. Therefore, the power of prayer will be an assurance that He can transform us to be like Him.

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