St Anthony of Padua – pray for us!

St Anthony of PaduaToday is the Feast Day of St Anthony of Padua.

Considered by many as “Saint of Miracles”, St Anthony of Padua has a special place in the life of St Annibale who proclaimed him as the celestial benefactor and protector of the Rogationists and Daughters of Divine Zeal (FDZ). This great saint enjoyed the honour of being one of the principal patrons of the two congregations. In fact, many of the charitable houses opened by St Annibale and entrusted to the Rogationists and FDZs were named after this great saint. That was the reason why in the early years of the Institutes the religious priests, brothers and sisters of St Annibale were commonly known as the Anthonians.  Read more…

Excerpt from  St. Hannibal’s Devotion to St. Anthony: A Saint of Abundant Charity!

Let us pray with St Anthony for more holy vocations:

Teacher of the Gospel, light of holy Church, lover of souls, good St Anthony of Padua help us to have a true and solid devotion to you, and to imitate your life and work for God and souls.

Grant us a greater love for Holy Scripture, the source of your wisdom.

Be to us a teacher of the ways of God and of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Light our hearts with the flame of love, the fire of divine charity, that we may love our merciful Father in heaven; that the King of kings, as you said, may reign in our hearts and purify them of all evil; that we may love our neighbour as you commanded.

May the example of your chastity, your spirit of prayer, make us faithful to the vows of our baptism, to the vows of marriage or of religious life.

Guide us so that we may live with you the Gospel of Christ and grow with you in Him.

Pray that the spirit of the Gospel may reach all nations, beginning with ourselves.

Pray that the spirit of Christian love and unity may fill the people of God, and bring all His children together again as one flock with one Shepherd.


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