ROGATE – a burning desire

The burning desire to live ROGATE inflamed my heart, reaching a higher degree when I studied and reflected on our Consecration.  I learned that the Daughters of Divine Zeal‘s consecration makes of us a continuous offering of worship to God, beseeching unceasingly for good and holy workers in His harvest.  We have a life of total dependence on His grace and mercy, expressed and lived through our vows.

Heart of Jesus on fire
ROGATE – Pray!

I confess that in seeing my fragility and that of my Sisters, I feel a strong pull of temptation to back out because of the fear of inadequacy and of high demands.  Yet, going deeper and reflecting, I understand that a vocation is a gratuitous gift, freely given by God and that the response, too, is a given grace and not by human will power.  With this, I feel re-animated and re-challenged even though the response requires, on my part, generosity, for God is pleased to receive my simple and little offering as a sign of my expression of love.

Now I feel called to take care of the precious pearl given to me and unceasingly pray for the grace of fidelity.  This lesson has clarified all the discouragements and has challenged me to gaze upon Jesus, especially at those times of human fragility when I experience failure or tensions.  I need to remember that Jesus is my strength and courage.

Above all, I must also make myself ready to face the obligatory passage of sufferings and self-dying so the person of Jesus will grow in me.


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