My own Magnificat

Sr Cora making her final vows
O, Loving Father, so immense is your love
So far beyond my own understanding!
That it ignites my whole being to glorify and praise you.
That my heart leaps up and echoes the joy
To thank you for all the blessings you have abundantly
And generously bestowed upon me.

Your faithful and merciful love
Reaches beyond heaven and earth
It enlightens my heart
To continue gazing upon you.
In spite of all my frailty and weaknesses
You are there patiently accepting me
Never to leave me alone.

You continue revealing yourself
From generation to generation
Getting involved in our day to day ordinary activities
O, this is how much you love us tirelessly
Taking initiatives creatively
Just to reveal yourself how much you care
And love us tenderly.

My Father, what more can I ask
I have everything gained from your love.
I have experienced a spark of your goodness
And yet I feel overwhelmed!
I have found you as the only treasure!

Then, once again, Father, together with Jesus of the Rogate
And Mary, the first Daughter of Divine Zeal
I unite my Fiat as my own expression of joy and thanksgiving!

Sr Cielo fdz


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