Are we praying?

When I say “pray” I do not mean the formula prayers of our Father Founder, Saint Annibale Maria Di Francia, which we religiously repeat in our scheduled prayers at vespers every day.  Those prayers are the ‘heart prayers’ of our beloved Padre. How about you – have you made the prayer for vocations a part of your life, a part of the blood that is produced in your hearts?

FDZ Sisters in India, praying
FDZ Sisters in India Image source:


Vocations are becoming scarce, even within our own communities.  And yet we are the first ones who know very well the solution to this – PRAY.  That is the command we received or rather had entrusted to us!  Let us start being conscious of enfleshing that WORD within us.

Prayer for vocations has to be the blood pumping in the veins of our systems so that it will be the thought in our minds, the words in our speech, the oxygen we breathe – the compassion in our hearts.  In this way we can say, my interest is now the interest of the Compassionate Heart of Jesus for the harvest, ready for harvesting but with no one to harvest it.

Sr Concesa fdz

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