Pray therefore…

Rogate Ergo (pray therefore) embraces the universal need for labourers in the Church.  Struck by the Spirit of the Daughters of Divine Zeal Congregation, we come and submit ourselves to be religious.

Rogate - pray

When we begin the novitiate formation process, our lives are first and foremost oriented to be centred on Christ, for He is the Light that shines forth in our day to day life.  He is the source of our faith journey in which we are accompanied by the tender and constant protection of a mother, Mary, who  keeps us on track towards Jesus.  We are always inspired by her “Fiat” (“Be it done”) to the will of God, thus allowing ourselves to be taught by her example and life of total offering to God.

Aware of being a community of women bonded by the love of Christ, we make ourselves open to surprises that will transform us to be Christ-like and true bearers of His compassion to the rich harvest so in great need today.  Therefore, in our own little way, we are helped to realise His kingdom by making His name known to all peoples and nations.

Our formation years help us to see the great need of the Church for holy and abundant labourers in a way that develops in us a great and fervent desire to be zealous and holy workers in the vineyard of the Lord.  This will be achieved only if we open ourselves to God, to acquire spiritual growth by way of contemplation and relationship with Christ in the Gospel through the practices of virtue and constant dialogue with Him in prayer.  When we begin as novices we have a visible instrument of God with us to make our journey easier – we are not alone as we have the person of our Formator.  She, in whom we trust, helps us to see the way and guides us towards Him, always pointing at Him.

We strongly feel one in spirit with all of our sisters, superiors and friends who support us in any form, and we express our gratitude through constant prayer, as we daily entrust ourselves to the loving mercy and providence of God.

Cielo and Elvira

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