The Cross

The Paschal mystery is the climax of the salvation history of humankind.  Its celebration requires preparation on a personal level in order to really feel the Paschal mystery that Jesus Christ underwent.

For by your cross, you have redeemed the world

Oftentimes, the celebration is done differently each year that creates a new reflection and realisation about the journey of life.  And here is one of mine about the cross, the star of this long celebration.

Love to live with the cross
When I entered the convent,
I had this passage of Jesus
with me: “Take up your
Cross and follow Me.” At
First I did not understand
Until I was already
undergoing formation.
My daily crosses – some
Are heavy, some are light.  There are little crosses and there are big crosses too.  Oh! It was not until I experienced these different kinds of crosses that I understood what and how it is to follow Him.  From that time onwards, I said to myself, “It is hard to follow Him because He is demanding and I have to be one with Him from the womb to Calvary, then death to resurrection. However, along the way, He never fails to give me His overflowing Graces that sustain me to where I am now.  In spite of my wickedness and stubbornness, He continuously loves me and guides me on His path.  And my crosses become so full of colour that they can be heavy at times.  I slowly make them a part of me.
Vertically, going to Him,
Horizontally with my sisters
And brothers and with Him
At the centre.  It is tough and
Hard but it is okay, with His
Blessings and graces, nothing
Is impossible that I cannot
Make it.  To gaze on this cross,
Whatever the difficulties I have,
Is nothing compared to His.  And
Just to think of it, I deserve it
Rather than Him, who is God,
who was crucified and suffered
innocently because of love for
YOU and ME…

Lolita fdz

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