I glorify you

I glorify You, O Lord, for out of my littleness and nothingness I was chosen among the thousands and millions of women in the world to do Your will in the religious life.


Yes, many are called yet few are those who dare to respond to this invitation.  So my soul glorifies the Lord my Saviour because He has set His eyes on me.  His love is so great that I could not resist to follow Him. YES, I could say, I am madly in love with my God who has rescued me in moments of darkness.

Though the path is unknown, I still follow Him.  This life He has presented to me is uncertain.  I do not even know the Person who will be beside me yet I am still madly in love with Him!

Out of love and trust I proclaim my big “YES” to You, my God.  You are a God faithful to Your promises, to my human eyes You are invisible.  Yes, in faith, You are God present in all events of my life!

How wonderful then to proclaim Your greatness.  Even in recalling painful experiences, in those dark moments of my life, You have revealed unconditional love and so the more I cry out “Lord! You have done great things in my life!”

Here I am again, happy to proclaim Your goodness.  Ready to renew my vows.  This entails much awareness, openness, deep trust and self surrender that surely gives more life!

Your promise lasts forever, Your faithfulness remains forever.  Therefore, I should not be afraid to walk with You.  This is my strong and clear conviction.

For You have called me, give me the grace to persevere in journeying with YOU!  Allow me then to express with the same words of Mary “My soul proclaims the goodness of the Lord!”

Sr Imelda | Image courtesy of pixabay.com

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