My spiritual journey

I desire to live my “personal spiritual plan” each year of my spiritual journey.  I long and pray to give my whole being to my spouse Jesus in mind, body and soul.  In order to concretize this total surrendering, I have to espouse the vows intently: chastity, poverty, obedience, and zeal for the Rogate.

Girl on a journey

In chastity I have to discipline myself and gently accept the reality of my being as a bride of Jesus – accepting all individuals with love and respect.

In obedience I have to obey with the eyes of faith; avail myself unconditionally and to model Christ’s obedience up to the cross.

In poverty I have to live simply with love, with care for the things entrusted to me.  Likewise, I offer to God all my personal desires.

With zeal for the Rogate, I pray wholeheartedly and espouse Christ’s interests for the needy, continue offering my works, joys and sufferings for holy and more vocations in the Church.

I am convinced and inspired to put into reality this “spiritual plan” formed as a result of my encounter with Jesus.

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