The pull of discernment

The word discernment suggests a pulling apart, that one sees and feels with insight.  Many times we are told that God is always speaking to us and yet we do not listen.

In contemplation

Listening entails openness and a docility that is a pure gift.  During some recent discernment sessions, I felt so scattered, disconnected and stubborn in my ways, despite having gone through so much reflection and prayer.  Yet, in a surprising way, God shattered these and I found myself feeling lighter and more cohesive.  I was able to acknowledge and name my present situation.  I realised through the discernment experience that the father of lies to which St Ignatius referred could appear as an angel of light, presenting half-truths as the absolute truth.  Nevertheless we have nothing to fear at these times because God is always with us.  Prayer, meditation, reflection and even corporal penance are ways to hold on in those moments of spiritual struggle.

I believe that discernment is a process we have to undertake at every moment in our lives.  The more we listen to God, the more we are attuned to the right choices.  Eventually it leads us to an ever-renewed LOVE-RESPONSE to the Lord.  Making choices and decisions have to spring from the real choices of the heart!

Sr Rosemarie fdz

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