Rogate – a challenge

Rogate mesage and wheat
It is a blessing for us, Daughters of Divine Zeal, to have our Rogationist Fathers who are always available to facilitate our monthly recollections.  That is a sign of the true spirit of being a Rogationist, ever ready to respond to the call of the present moment.  We are indeed grateful to God above all for them and we are happy to listen to them share their reflections and experiences that have moved our hearts and energised our spirits.   Our readiness to enflesh the charism in our daily activities and our endeavours towards holiness is once again revived.

Rogate, Charism, Spirituality has been spoken several times, from over a century ago to the present day.  Yet there is always something new that inspires and challenges us.  Words are not enough to articulate it – it is an overflowing interest welling from the Heart of Jesus, making it so vast and beyond full understanding.

The challenge remains fresh for us members of the Rogationist Family, for it is our identity to keep us zealous, ardent and ever burning to let others know the very command of Jesus, ‘Pray therefore to the Lord of the Harvest to send Labourers to His harvest’.  The spirit of the Rogate in itself moves us to reach out to others.

Rogate (pray) is a wonderful and precious gift of the Spirit to the Church.  It makes us, as consecrated to it, remain committed and responsible to this program of our life.  It is a way to respond the mission of Christ entrust to our “Padre” (St Annibale) which is handed down to us and from generation to generation.  We are then bearers and at the same time beneficiaries of this gift.

Love the Rogate, the Divine Command of Jesus, which is the source and centre of our community and prayer life, apostolate and all our actions.  Love, live, share and witness for to us is entrusted the precious, wonderful and challenging gift – the Divine Rogate.

Sr M Cielo Tanio fdz

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