Our music of witnessing

Community life is composed of different notes such that when the music master arranges them into their proper staff, they produce a harmonious melody with the lyrics of a song…

Music and birds
At the end of a seminar with Sr Mary Silvester, I was so enlightened.  Each person is precious in the community with their own strengths and weaknesses.   Looking at my own community, I perceived an increasing beauty.

Certainly, we need each other in order to draw out our best.  Yes, we are like notes scattered.  God gathers us together then puts us in our proper places; and when He plays, a tremendous melody can be heard.  The moment we isolate ourselves from the community or we choose to become out of tune, we are not only destroying ourselves but the whole community is affected.

We are responsible for one another.  Definitely we need someone expert – a music master – to tune our lives.  And that is none other than GOD.  May we give joy to Him and to those who are listening to our music of witnessing.

Sr M Jocelyn fdz

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

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