Open your heart!

My name is Sister M Dalina and I come from Albania. I made my religious profession in December 2010 and I live in the religious community of Villaggio Annunziata (ME).  For about 50 years Albania has been under a communist regime.  This has taken away the freedom of religion and has wiped out Christian worship, yet, despite everything many families have remained steadfast in faith.

One of these families is mine.  My parents have given me the faith that they themselves had received from their parents. A simple faith, genuine and made mostly of devotion.

FDZ - following Christ with zeal and fidelity

We were and are lacking the messengers of the good news. I harboured a great desire to know the source of truth and goodness and I wanted to help the weak, but I never thought of becoming a nun.

At the age of fifteen I was sent by my aunt to the city of Lezha in Albania. I spent a year here in which I went to church often. During this time I realized that it was necessary to be a Christian to receive baptism, and then the other sacramentsThe school I was attending and other reasons prevented me from attending the course of catechesis for the preparation.

Suddenly I felt a desire to know a religious community. I did not know where to go – I did not know any religious community. On 16 September 2003 God guided my steps towards the Daughters of Divine Zeal in Pllanë Lezhë (Albania).  Aided by the Sisters, I made a journey of preparation to receive the sacraments of Christian initiation and at the same time I discovered that the Lord was not only calling me but also to follow Him in the footsteps of Father Annibale. The testimony of the Sisters was like a light that enlightened and gave meaning to what I felt inside me. To help the small, the last, the poor was my profound aspiration, and it was the force that pushed me to act.

But touched by the hand of the Lord, having received baptism, observing many people not baptized, I felt inside me a voice saying to me: these people expect you to be evangelized! From that moment my decision to follow Christ became irresistible and motivated, knowing that it’s not me that I has chosen Him, but He chose me(Jn 15:16) and called me by name. Praying for good workers who had taught me, the Daughters of Divine Zeal became the source of my vocation.  The compassion of Christ for the salvation of souls also became my compassion for His harvest abandoned.  We are in need of evangelizers.

The hope that I have for all of you is that you have the thirst” to know and meet Christ. Once you have known and met Him, entrust to His words.  He speaks to you, open your heart and follow it.

Thank you!

A vocation story for the Year of Consecrated Life (original in Italian) | Image courtesy of Daughters of Divine Zeal Italy

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