Prayer to Mary for obtaining good labourers for the Holy Church

Feast of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Most Holy Virgin,
the Mediatrix of the divine graces,
we ask you the grace,
the all encompassing benefit,
the mercy of all mercies:
send labourers of the Gospel to the Holy Church.
This gift is worthy of your zeal and of your motherly generosity!

Remember the words of your adorable Son when he said:
“Pray the harvest Master to send out labourers to gather his harvest.”
You have kept in your heart all the words of your divine Sonand since then began to pray that
the harvest Master send labourers to his harvest,
you have obtained the grace of their ministry
for the Apostles and the Confessors.

Mother, most Holy,
you have at all times
granted the Church of Christ Jesus
apostolic and holy people,
industrious souls fervent with zeal and charity,
look at the miserable conditions
in which many people and nations find themselves today
due to lack of good labourers of the Gospel!

O powerful Mother,
we beseech you with the words of your divine Son:
“Pray the Master of the mystical harvest, Jesus,
that He may send labourers to his harvest.”

O Mother of God and Mother of humanity,
the worthy Co-redemptrix of humankind
who at the Cross offered to the Father,
as invincible Priestess the Victim of infinite value.
Continue the sublime office of co-redemptrix in the midst of the Church
by sending to all people, to all nations, to all places,
chosen Priests adorned with all the efficacious means of grace,
of doctrine, of the sacrifice and of the Word
that may win all souls to truth and bring them to eternal life.


Saint Annibale | Image courtesy of

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