The ideals of Christian living

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We should often reflect on the ideals of the life of the Christian.  

As a baptised follower of Christ, we are sealed with the Spirit and are invited to live according to the Spirit.  St Paul sums up this life in one short sentence:

What the Spirit brings is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  (Gal 5:22-24)

We can use this sentence as a guide to see how clearly we manage to follow Christ.


  • Love of God: How do I show it…
    • by prayer?
    • by my faith and hope?
    • by my actions?
  • Love of others: Is my love just words?  How do I show it by what I do for…
    • my parents?
    • my brothers and sisters?
    • my friends?
    • those with whom I study?
  • Love of myself: It is right to love oneself but am I…
    • selfish?
    • proud?
    • jealous?
    • envious
    • mean?
  • Love of things: Jesus said: “No one can serve two masters, God and money.” (Mt 6:24; Lk 16:13)
    • Do I consider money more important than anything else?
    • Am I greedy about what I have?
    • Do I share with others?

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  • Do I try to spread joy and happiness?
  • Am I bad-tempered, irritable or miserable?
  • Do I complain a lot?
  • Do I make people angry or unhappy by my attitude?

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  • Do I try to live at peace with others and to make peace among others?
  • Am I at peace with myself?
  • Do I fight, contradict or quarrel?
  • Am I a good loser?
  • Am I prepared to accept law and authority?

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  • Am I impatient with myself (or with others)?
  • Do I expect too much from myself (or others)?
  • Do I get upset if things do not go my way?
  • Do I want quick and easy results without bothering to work?

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  • Am I mindful of…
    • my family?
    • those who are tired after a busy day?
    • the sick and those with disabilities?

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  • Is my religion just a matter of going to Church?
  • Am I generous in the help I give to others?
  • Do I put a limit on my goodness?
  • Am I afraid to do what I should because of what my family or friends will say?
  • Do I admire and try to copy the goodness of others?

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  • Am I trustworthy? Do I tell the truth?
  • Do I let my friends down? Am I sincere in what I do?
  • Do I help to build up trust in the groups to which I belong?
  • Do I trust others? Do I do what I am asked or told to do with reluctance or willingly?

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  • Do I try to get my way by force?
  • Do I hurt others by my words or actions?  Am I violent in my speech?
  • How do I react when others are violent against me?
  • Do I respect others in the way I treat them?
  • Do I regard gentleness as a sign of weakness?

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  • Do I try to control my mind, my actions, my emotions?
  • Do I try to acquire worthwhile habits?
  • Do I take care of my health?
  • Do I waste food, drink and other resources because of greed?
  • Do I treat myself with dignity?
  • Do I use my gifts and talents properly?

Based on Let us pray for vocations, p115-117 |  Image courtesy of


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