Inspiring faith

Imagine that you are traversing a vast desert. You are in critical need of water. When you find some, you have to protect it from the sun. Then you need to be able to replenish your supply so that it will last until you arrive at your destination.

FDZ Sisters at Mass
FDZ Sisters at Mass

Today, we all live in a spiritual desert, a world where genuine faith—like that water—is rare and tends to evaporate quickly unless it is protected and replenished. Our need is pressing; just as we cannot live without water, we cannot survive spiritually without faith.

If we have Jesus with us, that is sufficient. The rest will go well.
— Madre Nazarena

In today’s world, everyone is touched by tragedy (spiritual, moral, psychological, economical, societal, etc…) of one sort or another. Most people feel utterly hopeless about life, as if there were no light on the horizon, no prospect for a better future. But I truly believe that in the midst of everything there is always a LIGHT that will guide us through. Thus, with the words of Madre Maria Nazarena Majone my heart remains hopeful. Like her, I am called to face squarely the world’s trials and obstacles by anchoring my FAITH on Jesus Christ.

As I continue listening and pondering on the life story of Madre Nazarena, five words are etched in my mind:

Madre Nazarena
Madre Nazarena
  1. COMMITMENT: I have the desire as a teacher to experience the joy of serving others without asking in return.
  2. FOCUS: I must have a sense of direction like a runner whose goal is to finish the race for a cause so that those entrusted to me will become good labourers in the vineyard of the Lord.
  3. PASSION: I am challenged to be passionate about the gifts I have, that may result in creativity.
  4. RESPONSIBILITY: I am called to be more responsible in everything.
  5. INTIMACY WITH GOD: I am convinced that in everything we do, we must put GOD first. And the most important mission of a teacher is to serve her pupils by introducing them to Christ the Divine Teacher.

Persevere with yet more earnestness, and rejoice to bear your share in the cross which is our passport and seal to the kingdom of our Redeemer.
— Elizabeth Ann Seton

Madre Maria Nazarena Majone knew that true authority comes from service and she worked to imitate the Lord’s service. Moreover, she fully understood that Jesus is the “Good Teacher” who leads her students to the Father.

Thus, let us keep strengthening our faith by actions. And as we do so, we will be making practical application of the examples of Madre Maria Nazarena Majone,  her FAITH found in God’s inspired Word.

Be imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.
— Heb. 6:12

Teacher Lavern Claire F Pascua
PAIS Laoag City


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