The way of God

In the Church all of us have an identical radical vocation, the likeness of Christ which is a gift of our Baptism.  Every state of life answers to a vocation and God’s providence leads each person to fulfil the divine plan He established for him/her and for all the people.

Each vocation must be lived, first of all, in the conversion and in the way of the Cross.  Vocation is a dynamic reality which we progressively fulfil in the dialogue with God and His people, in fidelity and in service.  This path of faith starts with Baptism, root of the Christian vocation, and matures in the continued availability to the action of the Spirit.  Every state of life, therefore, must be presented as authentic vocation which involves human life permanently.

How do I discern my vocation?
How do I discern my vocation?

Even the prayer for vocations must be done in a context of conversion.  Prayer cannot be limited to verbal expression; it implies authentic availability to the divine call.  To pray for vocations in the name of Jesus means first of all to want what Jesus wants in the total availability of the person and in love which urges us to serve the Father and the brothers and sisters.  To listen to the Word of God and to commit ourselves in a vocation means to convert ourselves from our own ways to the pathway of the Lord; it means to transform ourselves in the spirit of renewal.

Let us pray that the Lord may grant us apostles who will lead us to conversion.  May the Lord convert us so that our commitment may be a source of vocations.

Lord of the Harvest Send Laborers… p3-4 | Image courtesy of


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